Industrial Board

The Industrial Development Board of Jackson County is empowered by the "Industrial Development Corporation Act of Tennessee" to acquire, own, lease and dispose of properties, to promote industry and to develop trade by attracting manufacturing and industrial enterprises in an effort to enhance employment and economic growth for its' citizens.

The Industrial Development Board also acts as a recipient and administrator of various grants and low-interest loan programs available thru federal, state and Tennessee Valley Authority programs. In addition, it serves as a non-recourse conduit lender for taxable or tax-free financing thru loans or industrial bond issues for qualifying industries.

In addition the Industrial Board administers, on behalf of Jackson County, a tax abatement or payment-in-lieu-of-tax program for industrial real and personal property.

For further information, contact:

Jim N. Birdwell, Chairman
(931) 268-9711
(931) 319-5059 (cell)
Gary Gill, Secretary/Treasurer
(931) 268-0434